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eHarbours - the most advanced

Harbour and Marina Management System

eHarbours was introduced in 2009 to replace the original Harbour Management System.  Now, in 2017 it's a feature rich, well developed, reliable tool, providing all the facilities that any leading administration centre would expect.

With full electronic invoicing, online payments, chip & pin card payments, bulk email facilities and document management as standard features, customers use eHarbours to manage the whole range of harbour and marina administration.  Add incident management, detailed berth management and mapping along with AIS tracking tools and you begin to see that eHarbours becomes an incredibly valuable tool for any Harbour Master or Marina Manager.


During the first quarter of 2017 we will be introducing Android and Apple iOS mobile apps for leisure yachts - watch this space for more details.

eHarbours Features

During 2016 we delivered some major advances in the technology that underpins the whole eHarbours integrated management system.


These projects have had a major impact and eHarbours is by a long way the most feature rich Harbour Management System.

Bulk Email invoices and NTMs

Most invoices are now sent electronically with well over 80% of yacht owners now accepting invoices by email.

eHarbours can deliver bulk email to harbour and marina customers with attachments such as Notice to Mariners, Invoices, Reciepts and Booking Confirmations.

  • Owner details

    • multiple contact details, management for address, contact phones, emails etc.

    • address lookup from a postcode for speed and accuracy

    • instant validation of email address for speed and certainty about capture of valid email details

  • Boat details

    • basic vessel details including LOA, beam, draft, type etc

    • plus as much or as little detail that each harbour or marina needs to capture - fields can be added or hidden to ensure only the required data is captured

  • Mooring details

    • swinging moorings, fore & aft moorings, pontoon berths, trots, piles, hammerhead

    • for marina style pontoons, detailed space calculations for optimisation of berth allocation

    • locations and facilities can also be shore based for invoicing of yacht stores etc

  • Vessel allocation to Mooring

    • temporary, annual or permanent allocation

    • boat holiday facility to enable sub-lets for short or long vacant periods

  • Tariff management

    • add daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual tariffs to a vessel

    • facility to suspend an invoice from being included in any run (with easy audit reports for checking)

  • Customer and staff / team communications

    • make notes against a customer account in date order.  Choose to display notes on front of owner account screen for high visibility if required

    • add an action to a note, with or without a due by date, and assign to a staff member

    • send individual emails - choose from a list of template emails, or send an individual custom email

    • attach any document(s) including invoices, credit notes, statements, mail merge letters, leaflets

  • send bulk emails

    • select all customers or any specific group of customers by vessel type, location, mooring type, tariff, invoice frequency, county, etc

    • brilliant facility for testing bulk emails before they go out - great for checking before it's too late.

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