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Two of the most secure places to store data in the UK

One of the first things we do each day is work on data security.  It's what we do all day.   It's the last thing we do each day.  We keep your data safe and secure.

We have two options for hosting of eHarbours data and web application - the UKFast data centre in Manchester and the Harbour Systems data centre in Hampshire (both in the UK).

Dedicated Servers for eHarbours in the UKFast Data Centre, Manchester, UK.

This option, to host Tracker on dedicated servers within an ISO27001 externally accredited data centre provides our large corporate customers with a specific very high level of information security assurance.  This data centre is bristling with full-scale security technology on a massive scale.


Fully PCI DSS compliant, and with ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 accreditations, this must be one of the most secure places to store data anywhere in the UK.


Further details about the UKFast data centres can be found here


For specific details of the security accreditations at this data centre please visit here.


We keep copies of the actual ISO certificates and these are available for inspection on request.

Dedicated Servers for eHarbours in the Harbour Systems Data Centre, Hampshire, UK.

Our own data centre has dedicated servers for Tracker and although on a much smaller scale when compared to the UKFast Data Centre, our own data centre is still very secure indeed.


Inside our data centre, the servers and all the network infrastructure is housed in locked secure cabinets.


Our data centre is protected by intruder alarms, fire and heat alarms, two separate CCTV systems and multiple re-enforced doors.  We also have excellent protection for our networks with UPS batteries protecting all the network components and we even have our own electricity generator which can be used if required at a moments notice.

Although our data centre does have air-conditioning units we make the very best use of green technology to use cool air piped in from outside and we only use the full aircon on the hottest days.  The warm air from the data centre is used to heat the rest of the office space which surrounds the data centre.

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