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Harbour Systems Ltd - Company Overview

About us

Sonia and Steve Goacher started the Harbour Systems business in 2002 and the original Harbour Management System was launched for staff in the Lymington Harbour Office to manage mooring allocation and annual invoicing.

In 2009 we created eHarbours - the online version of HMS, and all our original HMS customers migrated to the new eHarbours.

Our customers include some of the largest Harbour Authorities in the UK and also many of the smallest harbour authorities with just a few moorings.  A common theme is that every harbour authority needs features specific to their particular situation, and we often deliver custom features to ensure the harbour staff can manage their business in the way that they want to.

eHarbours has more recently been updated to manage Marina berths and this year we have launched our new marina planning system, designed to ensure maximum space utilisation in a marina environment.

New Products

In 2023 we launched a major new product for our Harbour and Marina customers.  A new office based point-of-sale till system is now operational in most of our customers premises. Purpose designed for taking payments from Yachting and boating customers, the new till system is fully integrated with the main eHarbours system and includes dedicated card payment terminals to ensure easy payment management for face to face customers. Over the coming years we envisage a continuous stream of new features to be added to this such as facility key management.

A common theme regarding everything we do is that we host all our own systems in our own data centre and provide an exceptionally high level of data security.



Our core product - eHarbours - is a web based administration and finance system that enables harbour authorities and marinas to manage leisure marine activities including permenant and visitor moorings, invoices, payments, including harbour and marina visitor bookings.

What we do 

Our experienced team has delivered some amazing projects over the 25 years that we have worked together.   Many of those projects and customer relationships are still operational today and more than half of our customers have been with us 9+ years.


In 2024 the growth of eHarbours continues and over the last 10 years our systems have managed over £100m of harbour dues, mooring fees and visitor fees across UK harbour Authorities and Marinas based on the South, East and West Coast of the UK.

Early in 2016 we forged a new relationship with the Royal Yachting Association British Sailing Team and that relationship is ongoing.

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