Harbour Systems Ltd - Company Overview

About us

Sonia and Steve Goacher started the Harbour Systems business in 2002 and the original Harbour Management System was launched for staff in the Lymington Harbour Office to manage mooring allocation and annual invoicing.

In 2009 we created eHarbours - the online version of HMS, and all our original HMS customers have now migrated to the new eHarbours.

Our customers include some of the largest Harbour Authorities in the UK with Chichester Harbour regularly serving more than 10,000 vessels each year.

Our customers also include many of the smallest harbour authorities with just a few moorings.

eHarbours has more recently been updated to manage Marina berths and this year we have launched our new marina planning system, designed to ensure maximum space utilisation in a marina environment.

What we do 

Our experienced team has delivered some amazing projects over the 15+ years that we have worked together.   Many of those projects and customer relationships are still operational today and more than half of our customers have been with us 7+ years.


The growth of eHarbours has been stunning and just in 2016 our systems have managed over £10m of harbour dues, mooring fees and visitor fees across UK harbour Authorities and Marinas based on the South, East and West Coast of the UK.

In order to provide our business with a very good level of sustainability we choose to work in two main sectors:-

- the Marine Leisure Industry
  (mainly for Harbours and Marinas)


- the Education Sector
  (mainly for Colleges and Training Providers)

In addition to our core products, we also have some other long term projects which suit our interest and skill base and further our technological capabilities.  So, early in 2016 we forged a new relationship with the Royal Yachting Association British Sailing Team and that relationship is ongoing.

In the education sector, where our customers are Colleges, private training providers and very large employers including the Ministry of Defence, Tesco and British Gas.  


All the education sector business is condicted under the separate branding division called The Data Group, we are especially involved with the delivery of funded training such as Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

Core Products

There are remarkable similarities between our two largest core products and although they are targeted at different sectors, the technology used is exactly the same.  This means that any features developed for one product can usually be rolled across to one of our other products.

A great example of this is with our payments systems... for customers to pay for anything online, we needed our own payments technology.  Once we developed our online payments system, we were able to apply that technology to all our systems, and in 2016 our payment system processed over £10m of card paynments online.

A common theme regarding everything we do is that we host all our own systems in our own data centre and provide an exceptionally high level of data security.



In 2009 we released eHarbours - a web based administration and finance system that enables harbour authorities and marinas to manage leisure marine activities including permenant and visitor moorings, invoices, payments.

The leisure marine industry sector is relatively stable and there are few changes in operation that are required from year to year.  Therefore the eHarbours business gives a good level of stability and although the sector is relatively slow moving it's a great contrast to working in the Adult Learning Sector with Tracker.

As the leisure marine industry is very different from the learning sector we maintain completely separate brands and identity for the two products and further details about eHarbours can be found at www.harboursystems.co.uk


Our core product for the adult education sector is Tracker - used by hundreds of administrators to manage various funded learning programmes such as Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

Tracker produces an XML contract claim file in accordance with the specification produced by The Data Service enabling our customers to claim funding for the various learning programmes that they deliver.